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Wheelhouse – [wheel-house] -- area of expertise, a particular skill;
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Recently I read an on-line article by Liz Ryan: Ten Stupid Rules That Drive Great Employees Away . The article is about how companies chase away top talent by implementing a lot of stupid rules. As I read the examples of misguided rules I was happy to NOT recognize our company in any of them.
When business leaders consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) they typically think of turning over their entire recruiting function to a third party for the foreseeable future. While long-term, end-to-end RPO engagements are common, your organization may only need to outsource a portion of their hiring or outsource for a relatively short period of time. We've taken on RPO engagements of every type and can customize a solution for you. Here are some great questions that can help you determine if you should be using RPO services: 1) Are hiring managers in your organization spending an inordinate amount of time on recruiting? This is time they could spend on higher margin activities. 2) Has the pace of hiring overwhelmed your internal recruiting staff? 3) Are you paying large placement fees for each hire? 4) Are you planning to make regular hires of hard to find people over a period of several months? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should talk to us about RPO services. John Brown 469-331-1001 Jessica Morgan 469-331-1003
WheelHouse has scored another big win with the placement of the VP of Finance for a fast growing Dallas based wireless company. Our deep network of accounting and finance professionals allows us access to the best talent in the market.